Coronavirus Updates 2020|Italy Reports 368 Deaths in 24 Hrs|WHO On Covid19 Death Reports

By | March 16, 2020
Coronavirus Fast Updates

Latest Coronavirus Updates Today: Dear Readers today we are talking about Italy Coronavirus Updates. As per the Reports of Italy Government total 368 Deaths in 24 Hours. After China Italy the worst Country Record in Coronavirus Deaths. On Sunday Reported 369 New Deaths From the Covid19 Effects. The Italy Government has taken the Fast Steps to Avoid the Coronavirus Cases. Around the World have Stepped up Restrictions on the Movement of their Citizens to Reduce the Spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

WHO Contains the Coronavirus Covid-19 Around World

As per the World Health Organization, More than 152000 New cases Recorded. The WHO Has now Declared Europe as the Epicentre of a Coronavirus pandemic with more Reported Cased. globally are Government Officials, Celebrities and Sports Athletes And Association Authorities around the World Grapple to contain the Spread the Coronavirus.

WHO Coronavirus Latest Fast Updates Around the World Today

Spain became the Second European Country to impose a nationwide Lockdown after 2000 New Confirmed cased. According to WHO Reports Now today Around the world Restrictions passed on the Movement of their Citizens to Reduce the Spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Hence, As per the Official Coronavirus official Website updates, more than 164765 Total Cases Confirmed and Total 6459 Deaths around the World. And more than 6021 Cases are Serious. 119/195 Total Countries Infected with Coronavirus

While the national Carrier will fly to Iran as and When Required School, Colleges and Cinema Halls in the Various Indian States have been Shut Down till March 31st, 2020. However, when the Indian Confirmed 109 Cases over the Country and 2 Deceased with Covid19.

Iran Reports 113 new Deaths due to Covid19 As Contain Concern Mount

The Officials of Iran government Reported the new Coronavirus Pandemic could overwhelm Health Facilities in hit Country. Irans Health Ministry and Department Reported another 113 Death bringing the Country. After China and Italy countries, Iran Recorded total of 13938 Confirmed and 724 deaths Deceased in Iran.

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