IPL 2020 Season Updates There is No Spectators in IPL 2020|Coronavirus Affect

By | March 13, 2020
IPL 2020 Coronavirus Affects

Novel Coronavirus COVID19 Pandemic: Dear Readers The Advisory States of India, that there shall be no Public gathering at any Sporting Events. So that Indian Premier League 2020 on for Now, But No Spectators. If Coronavirus Hits in Large Numbers IPL May Take a ₹1000 Crore hit if Called off. Globally Coronavirus has Disrupted Major Events Across Worldwide. The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Could deal a Massive blow to the Domestic and Global sports Industry Indian premier League 2020 that is all set to begin on 29 March 2020. AL Through Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday said the Decision to held large Sporting Events.

India Premier League IPL 2020 Would be Not to be Hold Says Foreign Ministry

However, the Karnataka government has Already written to the Centre Seeking advise Whether IPLC Matches should be held on Bangalore. Coronavirus how Affecting IPL 2020 Sport Events. The Coronavirus Outbreaks has put this season of IPL 2020 in Doubt As per the officials of Indian Government. Meanwhile, Kiren Rijiju the Union Sports Minister tweeted that there’s no restrictions on Playing But Guidelines to be Followed Strictly in the Large Interest of Health.

MHFW On IPL 2020 Standings Coronavirus Affect Foreign Players

Meanwhile, Around 35% IPL Talent Players and Production Crew Comes from other Countries. BCCI Which organized IPL Has Called for un Urgent Meeting on Saturday with government Officials to Decide on the Course of Action. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Wednesday puts in Doubt Participation of Foreign Players in IPL 2020 Season. However, Union Ministry Cancelled all Existing Visas, Except Diplomatic, Official, Un/ International Organizations, Employment Project Visas Suspended till 15 April 2020.

Will IPL 2020 be Held From 29 March 2020

The Tournament could either be Postponed. Only a mass Outbreak of the virus in the Coming weeks could force A Cancellation, Each day count for there are 17 Days to Left for the tournament to Begin. Hence, Government of India Union Health Ministry Advised to BCCI Organizing Bodies tournaments to ensure that the guidelines issued by the health Ministry Maintained. Stay Updated here for more Coronavirus Affects on Sports Events, IPL 2020 Coronavirus COVID19 Affects.

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