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By | February 24, 2022
CBSE Science Challenge 2021-2022 Quiz Answers

CBSE Science Challenge 2021-2022 Quiz Answers & Cracked Answer Key. As per the Most Recent Update the Central Board of Secondary Education – CBSE Presented the CBSE Science Challenge 2021-22 for Class 8 to 10 School Students. The main Aim of the CBSE Science Challenge is an Initiative to generate Curiosity Inquiry and Higher-Order thinking Amongst the Learners” According to the Board. Candidates who are participated in CBSE Science Challenge 2021-2022 are eligible to verify their CBSE Science Challenge 2021-22 Quiz Question Answers.

Science Challenge CBSE Answer Key 2022 wwwc.cbseacademic.nic.in

Hence, the Science Challenge is available for Students on the DIKSHA Platform. and students from different boards can participate and get the Participation certificate. The CBE Science Quiz 2021-2022 will be available on the Diksha Platform from 17th January to 28th February 2022.

So many Science Challenge Participants Eagerly Waiting for CBSE Science challenge Answer Key And its results Notification. for the Convenience of CBSE Science Challenge Contestants below, we have displayed Question Answers. On Successfully completing of CBSE Science Challenge all the participants will get the Certificates through the Profile page on Diksha Portal.

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CBSE Science Challenge Answer Key 2022 www.diksha.gov.in

Quiz Questions NumberCBSE Science Challenge 2021-22 Quiz Answer’s/ Solved Answer Key
Question 1: Carbon Dioxide is present in the air we inhale and exhale.Cellular Respiration.
Q2: A Plant absorbs water from the soil and Transport is Against gravity.Transpiration
Q3Fig 1.2
Q5ii & iii
Q6Hydrogen Gas
Q8Solid Magnesium Chloride
Q10Yamini Fractional Distillation
Q11 Amina, While Doing the following Experiment.Zn>Fe>Cu
Q12BaCl2+Na2SO4–>BaSO4 + 2NaCl
Q13Same as that our “Weight”
Q14Same as the Weight of the Object
Q16Fig C
Q17Change in momentum (impulse) and Value is 0.5 Unit
Q19No, because it has no Atmosphere
Q20Reflections of Sound Waves from Ceiling and Curved Walls
Q21Magnesium and Hydrochloric Acid
Q22 Which one of the following Functional groups is present in propanal?-CHO
Q25Reduce the Nutrient Sources in the waste that ends up in the water Bodies
Q27(ii) and (iii) Only.
Q28It is an inactive vaccine for Active immunization
Q29 Why do the Wires between the current pile on towers Hang?To avoid any tension in the wires due to contraction during cold water
Q30in Series only with high Current Appliances like washing Machine, Ac, etc
Q31Higher Resistance and Lower Melting Point
Q320.2 M, 2.0 M, 2.2 M
Q33The Blue light is Scattered out as rays travel through more of the atmosphere
Q36Kamal Ranadive
Q37Anaerobic Respiration
Q38Test Crossing
Q40Chemical Properties

CBSE Science Challenge Answer Key 2021- 2022 Quiz Important Instructions

  • The total time allocated is 30 Minutes
  • there are 40 Questions and the Maximum Score is 40.
  • Each Question is for 1 Mark.
  • Click on the Most Appropriate Option
  • there is no Negative Mark for wrong Answers
  • Once You Quit the Challenge your Score will be Recorded.

About CBSE Science Challenge 2022

Science Is Inexplicably linked with Our Lives and help us to understand the world around us better Scientific And Technological Developments contribute to progress and help improve Our Standards of Living. By Engaging with this Subject, Students learn to think Solve Problems and make Informed Decisions. As an initiative to generate Curiosity. Inquiry and higher-order thinking amongst the learners, the Board is Organizing the CBSE Science Challenge for Students of Classes 8th To 10th.

How to Register/ Participate in CBSE Science Challenge 2021-2022? Online

  • First of all Interested Students Need to visit the Its Official website
  • Otherwise, click on the Direct Link given below
  • Click on the “CBSE Science Challenge 2022” Link Located on the Homepage.
  • A New Page will open on the Screen
  • Fill in the Details Such as Affiliation Number and Password and Submit Tab
  • Enter the Captcha And Submit the Details
  • Access the generated Registration IDs.

How to Download CBSE Science Challenge 2021-2022 Participation Certificate

To Get a Participation Certificate please provide Correct Information and Complete this Quiz. Once the Students sign in to the DIKSA Portal, this Registration ID is to be filled in the CBSE Science Challenge Credentials to begin the Quiz.

Rapid Links of CBSE Science Challenge 2021-2022

Participate CBSE Science Challenge 2022 Course: Participate Now

Download CBSE Science Challenge 2021-22 Quiz Participation Certificate: Check Here

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